An interesting model for supporting BYOD

As I’ve blogged before (probably too many times!), taking a much more flexible approach to the types of devices we enable for connection to our systems and services feels like an inevitability, and something those of us responsible for providing business IT services need to be prepared for. A Canute style refusal to accept this seems like a great way to make ourselves irrelevant in quick order.

As well as the much discussed security issues that we need to figure out, this also presents complex new questions for how we provide support to our users.

  • How much support do we provide for personal devices and how much help do we provide to our users for getting their access set up?
  • What do we do if a BYOD device breaks?
  • How do we manage the transition from a highly standardised device model to one where we’re actively encouraging diversity?
  • And how do we manage the cost of this?

I thought that this model from Steve Halliday in Solihull looks like a really interesting approach. I like the idea of a points system, and think it could be a useful way to embrace this new world while also keeping control of costs and offering a clear proposition to our users.

Food for thought!